• Excess prime and second choice steel!

    Our business focuses on the supply of excess prime steel and second choice steel.
  • Always at your service!

    Even after the materials have been delivered.

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Total package for steel supply

Our business focuses on the supply of excess prime steel and second choice steel.
We always try to meet the niche requirements of our customers.
The range of our product includes second choice hot and cold coils, the second choice galvanized coils, second choice pickled coils, second choice PPG coils, galvanized coils, round bars, and pickled coils.
We deliver those products in different sizes and finishes.

We mainly deliver steel to the Middle East and Africa.
Our excess prime and second choice materials are sourced from European mills and service centers.

“Holland Steel Commercial is always at your service even after the materials have been delivered.”


Our general services


We work with a variety of payment services.


Required import-export are documents included.


Orders are delivered via standard incoterms.

Available Products

Our excess prime steel and second choice steel


From hot coils to cold coils. And from galvanized coils to PGG coils and oiled coils: we offer coils in any quality and any grade. Coils are finished steel products such as sheets or strips which have been wound or coiled after rolling. Perfect for the industry.


Strips are flat steel coil products. Widths of less than 600 mm are used for hot rolled products and widths of less than 500 mm are used for cold-rolled products. The wider flat products also go by the name of wide strips.


We have wires in different sorts and all kinds of qualities. Those wires are strands that are used to guide loads of electricity. Our wires are available in different sizes and lengths.


Sheets are flat-rolled products over 12 inches in width and with less thickness than plates.


We provide beams, bars, and seamless tubes.
Long products are used in all industrial sectors, particularly in the construction and engineering industries.

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E-mail us your requests to obtain our competitive prices.


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